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How did the Covenant come about?

At its meeting in June 2002, the British Methodist Conference voted by a very substantial majority to seek the opinion of each District Synod and Circuit Meeting on the proposals in An Anglican-Methodist Covenant. At its meeting in July 2002, the Church of England General Synod voted by a very substantial majority to commend the proposed Anglican-Methodist Covenant to its dioceses for discussion.

The Methodist Conference and the General Synod, both meeting in July 2003, received the opinions gathered from around the two Churches and both decided to go forward to sign the Covenant.

The Queen attended the Covenant signing ceremonyOn 1 November 2003, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the General Secretary of the General Synod , together with the President, Vice President and Secretary of the Methodist Conference signed the Covenant at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, in the presence of the Queen.

The ceremony continued at Westminster Abbey with a short service of thanksgiving and dedication.

What is the Covenant?

After a brief preamble the text of the covenant sets out seven mutual affirmations and six mutual commitments.

The Covenant puts the two Churches on a path of ever deepening relationships and mutual trust and co-operation on the road to a richer unity involving all who call themselves Christ's disciples.

The Joint Implementation Commission (JIC)

The Methodist Conference and the Synod of the Church of England agreed to set up a joint commission which would have the task of monitoring and promoting the implementation of the Covenant.

Christopher Cocksworth
Christopher Cocksworth
Peter Howdle

The JIC is appointed for five years at a time. The first Commission, from 2003-2008 was chaired by Professor Peter Howdle, ex Vice-President of Conference, on behalf of the Methodist Church; and the late Rt Reverend Ian Cundy, Bishop of Peterborough on behalf of the Church of England.

The second Commission, from 2008-2013 is chaired by Professor Peter Howdle and The Right Reverend Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry.

The members of the JIC are:

The Rt Revd Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry (Co Chair)
The Revd Dr Will Adam
Dr Philip Giddings
The Revd Jonathan Baker
The Revd Canon William Croft (Consultant)
The Revd Dr Roger Paul (Co Convenor)
The Revd Canon Prof John Richardson (Scottish Episcopal Church)
The Revd Venerable Dr Jane Steen

Prof Peter Howdle (Co Chair)
Mr Steven Cooper
The Revd Catherine Gale
Mrs Jenny Easson
The Revd Ruth Gee
Deacon Sue Culver
The Revd Neil Stubbens
The Revd Ken Howcroft (Co Convenor)

David Tatem, URC Secretary for Ecumenical Affairs - to receive papers and invitation to meetings

See also Methodist Anglican Panel for Unity and Mission (MAPUM)

This web site...

is sponsored by the Joint Implementation Commission set up by the two Churches following the signing of the Covenant.

It is offered as a resource for local churches and individuals as together we work out what God requires of us as Gospel people in the world today.


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